Wage Garnishments in Illinois

It’s Your Money-Keep It


Are your wages being taken away? You’re not alone. Many people have this problem. But there is good news. TheBillSlayer (Law Firm of Robert J Adams) can help you keep your paycheck. Here’s how:

How Bankruptcy HELPS

  1. Stops Money from being taken. As soon as you file, creditors can’t take your Money. (The Automatic Stay.)
  2. Chapter 7: Gets rid of unsecured debts like credit cards, medical bills, etc.
  3. Chapter 13. A plan that you can afford.

What is a Wage Garnishment?

A creditor demands 15% of your gross pay, not just what you take home. And it continues until you pay them all that you owe.

How Does This Happen?

  1. A creditor says you owe them money and goes to court. (It’s called a lawsuit.)
  2. The court says you owe them. (It’s called a judgment.)
  3. They tell your job to take money from your pay. (It’s called a Wage Garnishment.)

You didn’t know about the court filing? Check with the County Clerk and the Sheriff’s office. They have records.

How to Fight This

  1. Pay all the Money. Hard to do.
  2. Try to Negotiate a Repayment Plan: Possible but rarely successful.
  3. Asking for “Hardship” Relief: Judges can’t change garnishments.
  4. Quitting Your Job is Not advisable.
  5. Live with less money. Hard and sad.
  6. Fight back with Bankruptcy. Call The Bill Slayer (Robert J. Adams).vb

Other Important Stuff:

  1. If you have a child support deduction or IRS levy, it reduces the amount of money taken.
  2. The IRS, the State of Illinois, and the government for Child support can put a brick to your check. They don’t have to get a court judgment.
  3. Illinois also exempts workers who gross less than 45 times the minimum wage.
  4. Creditors will add court costs and judgment interest of nine (9%) percent each year.
  5. Some jobs charge a fee for handling the Garnishment.
  6. In Illinois, a job can’t fire you for the first Wage Garnishment.
  7. Think and act fast. Money taken before filing for Bankruptcy is gone forever.

We’re Here to Help:

  1. We help people with money problems.
  2. Our lawyers are here every day, even on weekends.
  3. We offer a “NO MONEY DOWN” option for those with good jobs but limited funds.

Act Now. Stop the Garnishment with the help of Robert J Adams. Call 312-804-1944 today.

Disclaimer: This promotional article is designed to highlight the benefits of Bankruptcy with a specific law firm. Always consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney to understand your options and make a decision based on your unique situation.

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