Imagine  how your life would change if you could wipe away your debts. No more  harassing phone calls. No more worries about garnished paychecks or the  repo man. No more sleepless nights.

Chapter 7  bankruptcy provides a fresh financial start for people who are deep in  debt with no hope of paying it all back. If you qualify, you can  permanently shed thousands of dollars of unsecured debts and get your  life back on track.

At the law offices of Robert  J. Adams & Associates Inc., skilled attorneys are here for you  during this stressful time. For over four decades, they have been  educating and guiding individuals and families through Chapter 7  bankruptcy. They proudly serve Chicago and the greater Cook County area,  as well as DuPage County and Lake County, Illinois.


Bankruptcy  is a federal law created to give honest debtors a fresh start, rather  than being constantly saddled with debt and hounded by creditors. In a  Chapter 7 discharge, also known as a straight bankruptcy, you can  eliminate certain unsecured debts, such as credit card balances, medical  bills, payday loans, car title loans, and traffic tickets. In certain  cases, it is even possible to discharge back taxes.

Once  your debts are discharged, you will not have to repay those creditors  and they cannot pursue further action against you. The attorneys at  Robert J. Adams & Associates Inc. will help you get rid of as much  debt as possible to give you financial breathing room for the first time  in a long time.

Each experienced attorney will guide you through a number of important considerations in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, including:

  • The law requires that you list and categorize all of your debts and also list all of your assets. You will also provide proof of income  for the last 60 days and copies of federal income tax returns for the  last four years unless you’re not required to do so. Finally, you must  obtain the required credit counseling from an approved agency.
  • You must pass the “means test” to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If your income is too high or it is  determined that you can reasonably pay your debts, you may not qualify  for Chapter 7 but you can still file for Chapter 13 relief.
  • You do not have to forfeit all your property to discharge debts. Through the Illinois bankruptcy exemptions, most  clients are able to keep their home, a family car, retirement savings,  and personal possessions.
  • The main debt that is not forgiven under Chapter 7 is student loans in addition to recent IRS debts. Also,  parking tickets, red light camera tickets, and tollway debts are not  forgiven under Chapter 7 but can be dischargeable under Chapter 13.

Please  see the bankruptcy blog for answers to common worries or scenarios. As  dedicated Chapter 7 attorneys, Robert J. Adams & Associates, Inc.  has offices in Lake County and Chicago, Illinois, ready to help provide  you with guidance and greater peace of mind.


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