Credit Score After Chapter 7

Here is a typical problem many good folks have.

John Q (or it could be Mary Doe) has a lot of credit card debt: $20,000, $30,00, $40,000, or some other amount.

John also has medical debt.

John can’t keep up with payments.

After doing the best he can, he is broke. He doesn’t have any money in his pockets.

John now has a low credit rating: maybe in the 500s or low 600s.

John wants to buy a car or a house soon. Also, people need credit cards for everyday transactions.

What to do?

Filing Chapter 7 with Robert J Adams & Associates (also known as The Bill Slayer) is the best answer.

  1. The debt is gone. You are free of creditors. You now have money in your pocket.
  2. Your credit score goes up and can continue to go up. It is possible to have a 720 score in a year or two.
  3. Future finance companies don’t care that you didn’t pay old debts. They want to make sure you can pay them. Also, they know you can’t file Chapter 7 for another 8 years.

Your financial future is brighter than it has been for a long time.

Call Robert J. Adams & Associates, your Personal Bankruptcy lawyer. 

We are also known as the Bill Slayer because we kill bills.

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