What to do When Your Car is Booted

What to do When Your Car is Booted

November 3, 2022

When you went to your car you found the city has installed a boot on the front wheel. What is going on? And, what can you do?


The  city of Chicago aggressively seeks to “boot” cars. In fact they have  specially equipped vehicles that can read license plates as they go up  and down streets including side streets as well as main streets. They  even scan cars at O’Hare and Midway airports. Chicago is not alone  either. Many cities and towns aggressively use ticket revenue to balance  their budgets.

The city can boot a vehicle if it has 3 or more unpaid parking, red light, and/or automated speeding tickets.

This number of tickets is reduced to 2 tickets if the tickets are more than one year old.

If  the boot is not removed within 24 hours the car can be towed to a city  lot. Once there they will charge towing fees of $150 and storage fees of  $20 per day for the first five days then increase it to $35 per day.

Once the vehicle is towed after a certain amount of time the city can actually sell the vehicle or destroy it.


First  of all you might be able to raise the funds necessary to pay the  tickets (which will have doubled) and the amount for the booting  assessment of $60 and, if towed another $150 plus storage. If you have  the money, you can go to the impound lot. These lots are usually out of  the way and open for limited business hours.You don’t get your car back until you pay all charges. Payments must be  made in cash, money order, certified funds, or by a credit card.


Many  people who find themselves in this predicament seek relief in a Chapter  13. Once a Chapter 13 case is filed the city will release the vehicle  with a payment of $72.

When you file a  Chapter 13 you get on a payment plan that pays all your debts. When you  don’t have much money left after paying rent, gas for your car,  utilities and food, then unsecured debts such as parking tickets can be  repaid at a small dividend. Most of our clients have their cases  confirmed paying unsecured debts at ten cents on the dollar or less.


You  may have tickets you don’t even know about. If someone else uses your  car and gets a parking ticket, red light violation, or camera speeding  ticket, you will be personally responsible. This is because the ticket  follows the car, not the driver. Next, the boot installed on the vehicle  is city property. Removing it yourself is illegal and considered a  theft. Finally, if you file a Chapter 7 you might get the boot removed  but tickets are not dischargeable. After the case is over you face the  same problem – booting and driver’s license suspension – unless you paid  all the tickets.

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