What Are The Nuances Associated With Home Ownership?

Home ownership is one of the great American dreams. Very little  compares to the pride of home ownership. It gives one the status of  being in the middle class. One that has provided security and comfort  for the homeowner’s family and self.

For most of us to buy a home or other real estate requires obtaining a mortgage.

At  the closing when buying property or even if one is refinancing an  existing mortgage you are presented with volumes of documents. You are  supposed to review these documents. Your signature is required multiple  times.

The lawyers and the personnel at the title company will answer questions about the contents. Their answers are perfunctory.

In truth very few really know the contents of these documents in detail.

There  are, however, a group of people who do know and understand the contents  of these documents in intimate detail. Likewise, they know and  understand the laws that govern mortgages and they even know the  protections that homeowners and property owners have. These people are,  of course, employees of the mortgage companies and their battalions of  lawyers.

The laws surrounding mortgages,  the volumes on documents you sign, and the rules and regulations have  for the most part been crafted by the banks and finance companies.

The  banking industry sends armies of lobbyists to Washington, D.C. and to  Springfield. And, they spend big money wining and dining and persuading  lawmakers to do their bidding.

When the property owners come into conflict with mortgage companies the American dream turns into a nightmare.

Fortunately homeowners and property owners have rights and protections. You should know what they are.

One of the greatest protections property owners have lay in the American bankruptcy laws.

The  greatest fear a homeowner or other property owners has in FORECLOSURE.  For that reason I decided that the first chapter of the book should  outline the foreclosure process in Illinois. Subsequent chapters will  deal with solutions and options for you.

This  book lays out a general discussion of the laws relative to mortgages  when there is a conflict. The main focus of the publications is, of  course, to give advice on the use of our bankruptcy laws. Our current  President has said that bankruptcy is a tool. He should know as at least  5 of his business have obtained relief in the Bankruptcy Courts. You  too should know that this tool is available if and when you should take  advantage of it.

The lawyers and staff at ROBERT J ADAMS & ASSOCIATES have devoted their careers to helping people just like you.

This  book is only a guide and not legal advice. When the reader wants to  know and understand their options they should always consult with a law  firm that is experienced in bankruptcy law. We, of course, hope you give  us a call. Our consultations are always Complimentary and confidential.

For more information on Home Ownership In Illinois, a Complimentary consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling today.

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