Are you constantly  increasing the balance on your credit card? Do you spend most of your  money on bills each month with nothing left for you? Are you unable to  obtain additional credit because you have too much debt? Do you use  credit cards to pay necessities such as food, utilities, insurance,  etc.? Are you frustrated because your credit balances are not going  down? Are you tired of paying outrageous interest rates? Do you avoid  answering the phone because creditors and collection agencies are  calling? Are you losing sleep because you don’t know how you’re going to  pay your bills?

Robert J. Adams &  Associates has been helping individuals & businesses throughout the  greater Chicago, Illinois area with financial difficulties for more than  40 years. When you meet with their dedicated team of bankruptcy  lawyers, they work to gather accurate information on your finances,  discuss your options, and help you plot a wise course moving forward.  They give you the information you need to make an informed decision as  to what is in your best interest. Contact the firm for legal advice with  bankruptcy, foreclosures, wage garnishment, and other important legal  matters.

“The goal of Robert J. Adams & Associates Inc. is to take care of clients during some of the most stressful times”

Bankruptcy is a legal remedy if you are unable to pay your debts. An  experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you make the best decision.  There is a great deal of misinformation out there about credit problems  and how to solve them. If bankruptcy is the appropriate recourse for  you, a good lawyer can explain the best option available to you. You may  want to get rid of your debts and get a fresh start or you may want to  save your assets, such as a house or a car. The team at Robert J. Adams  & Associates Inc. will guide you through the process.

If you’ve fallen on hard financial times and are unable to pay your  bills, filing for bankruptcy can provide you with an opportunity to  climb out from under your debt.When your business is in trouble due to increasing debt and you are  uncertain about how to get back on track, you can turn to experienced  bankruptcy attorneys for help.When you have a team of highly-trained attorneys with extensive  bankruptcy experience in your corner, you can have peace of mind that  your situation is in strong hands.

Serious  financial situations can happen to anyone, no matter how stable and  secure they may feel. An unexpected expense, an emergency, or the loss  of a job can throw your life into financial chaos. Thankfully, even in  the midst of the most stressful and complicated debt problems, there are  different options to consider that may be able to help you pull  yourself out of trouble and back onto more stable financial footing.

You  don’t have to stay buried under a mountain of crushing debt. Whether  you are a consumer or a business owner in the greater Chicago area, if  you are in a serious financial emergency that has you considering filing  for bankruptcy to escape disaster, it is in your best interest to work  with a team of knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys to pursue the right  option for you.

With Robert J. Adams &  Associates Inc., you can feel confident that you have a team of  experienced bankruptcy lawyers standing by you to help you understand  the bankruptcy filing process and choose a wise plan that gives you the  best opportunity to move toward a more secure future. You don’t have to  go through these stressful times alone. Turn to a law firm with more  than four decades of history helping people find real solutions to real  problems.